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1m 24w led wall washer

LED wash wall lamp, LED project-light lamp, who first used as a building lighting ornament, also can be used to draw the outline of a large building.Because the volume of LED wash wall lamp is bigger, better heat dissipation, so also greatly reduced the difficulty in depicting.In recent years, governments at all levels attach great importance to the construction of the urban lighting engineering, designs city-lighting project construction as the important action to improve and beautify the urban environment.Therefore, LED wash wall lamp market is more and more broad.
In the process of practice, LED wash wall light present constant current driver do owe good situation, presents the damage is not a few, so how to make better work LED wash wall lamp, on the control and drive.In relation to the LED high-power products, everybody often says to the constant current drive, so, exactly what called constant current driver?No matter LED wash wall light is there any change in load tests, the LED current stick to the same circuit is called the LED constant current drive.With the intention of the LED constant current driver is LED life spans and failure to progress.The stand or fall of constant current source for LED wash wall lamp has a very important role, should according to the degree of power and stability, as far as possible choose high power constant current source, it can cut down the loss of energy and temperature.
LED wash wall light first used in what place?Professor analysis, LED wash wall lamp through built-in microchip control, used in small engineering situations, can not control are used, can complete the mutation, jump, shining color, random shine and mutation to replace dynamic effect, can also through the DMX control, complete the chase, scanning, and so on.

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